Naxeon’s I AM e-moto promises urban exhilaration in a compact and stylish package.

There’s no denying how much electric mobility has changed the game in recent years. We’re seeing it build a lot of steam in the two-wheeler world, where lots of countries around the world are encouraging people to ditch their cars in favor of electric two-wheelers, whether they’re e-bikes, e-scooters, or e-motos.

Recent years have ushered in all sorts of new and exciting electric two-wheelers, with a lot of them showcased at EICMA 2023 held last November. One of the e-motos that stood out is from Chinese e-mobility startup Naxeon in the form of the “I AM.” This abstractly named electric bike is said to focus on individuality, giving urban commuters an efficient and exciting experience. Indeed, on paper, it seems that this is well and truly the case, as it’s pretty quick for an urban commuter.

From a styling perspective, the I AM takes the form of a mini-bike with Honda Grom-like proportions. Its design is distinctly clean, giving it a sleek and futuristic look as if it was a prop from a sci-fi movie. The company was started in 2021 in ChongQing China, and has partnered up with E-Quilibrium, an Italian company, to penetrate the European market. Electric two-wheelers have become increasingly popular in Europe, and it goes without staying that the I AM adds a touch of futurism to the mix.

Let’s dive into the technology Naxeon has stuffed into the I AM. Performance-wise, we’re looking at a top speed of about 75 miles an hour thanks to a powerful electric motor integrated into the hub of the rear wheel. The battery is a semi-solid-state unit with multiple options when it comes to its capacity. For reference, you can choose between either a 4.3 kWh or 6.5 kWh battery pack, with range varying from 75 to 113 miles on a single charge. To make things even better, the bike comes with fast-charging tech, with a claimed 20 to 80-percent charge time of 90 minutes.

At present, the Naxeon I AM is expected to be made available in France and Belgium, as distribution agreements in these countries have already been secured. The company is eyeing a launch in Germany very soon, as well. That said, the bike commands quite an attractive price despite all the tech it brings to the table. At 7,400 euros, or approximately $7,971 USD per exchange rate at the time of writing, it’ll certainly give other e-mobility startups a run for their money. Deliveries of the first batch of I AM electric motorcycles are expected for spring of 2024.

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Source: The PACK, Naxeon

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