The Jeep Avenger has received a rugged new 4xe range-topper that adds the option of hybrid power and four-wheel drive for the first time.

The Avenger was launched as an EV in mid-2023 and a cheaper pure-petrol variant was added to the range a few months later, both with front-wheel drive.

Jeep hinted at plans for a more rugged, off-road-focused version of the small SUV at the 2022 Paris motor show with the chunky Avenger 4x4 concept.

A single image of the production version confirms that it will keep the show car's chunky black protective trim, raised suspension, wider track widths, knobbly tyres and contrasting trim details. 

Its powertrain combines a 134bhp petrol engine and six-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox with an electric motor on each axle – producing 28bhp apiece – and another in the gearbox to give "unparalleled traction and off-road performance" while also allowing for low-speed engine-off running.

Jeep has yet to give detailed technical specifications or performance figures for this set-up but has claimed it can generate up to 1400lb ft of torque at the rear wheels - a figure likely to have been achieved by multiplying motor torque by the gear ratios.

The Avenger 4xe can also be driven in 4WD mode when the traction battery is depleted, with the petrol engine acting as a generator for the EV motors.

Full pricing and specifications will be given closer to launch, but Jeep said it aims "to offer a sustainable 4x4 driving experience while remaining inclusive and accessible to European customers", suggesting the 4xe won't command too significant of a premium over the existing variants.

The Avenger is unique on the UK market in offering a four-wheel-drive ICE option. Its closest competitors – the Nissan Juke, Renault Captur, Ford Puma and Volkswagen T-Cross, to name a few – are front-driven only.

Eric Laforge, Jeep's European boss, said: "The new Jeep Avenger 4xe represents a turning point for the brand. The latest version of our successful model brings together the compactness and versatility of Avenger with the performance of the all-wheel drive system.

"The result is an unparalleled capability for a more dynamic driving experience. The new Avenger 4xe is completing the brand’s offering of 4x4 SUV in all segments."

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