Better than the best has arrived in another ASEAN nation with up to four variants and a ton of fanfare.

Filipinos were eagerly waiting for BMW to launch the 2024 R 1300 GS and it’s safe to say that the love for the model runs deep. BMW Motorrad Philippines has just launched its top-of-the-line adventure bike to much fanfare, and rumor has it, that the brand is all out for its initial batch. 

There were several orders made for the R 1300 GS on the spot during the launch event. The moment that the covers came off and the floodgates were opened for BMW sales reps to take orders, it was game over. Checkbooks were taken out, cards were swiped, and wads of cash were exchanged to reserve the brand-new adventure bike from the German brand. 

Seeing the bike up close stoked my interest in it. Enrico and I did mention in our 'five bikes in 2024' articles that the R 1300 GS was a model that we’re definitely on the waitlist to test. We cannot wait to get our hands on the new model and put it through its paces on and off road. 

There will be four variants for the Philippine market, Light White, Triple Black, GS Trophy, and Option 719. The two standard trim levels are decked out with the latest tech that BMW has to offer. The engine itself is also a great achievement worth shouting about because of its more compact form factor and its bigger cubic centimeter count at 1300ccs. The engine pushes 145 horsepower which is nine up from the R 1250 GS’ figure. Meanwhile, this is the first time that the brand’s Adaptive Cruise Control finds its way into the GS nameplate. The model brings a new layer of safety and convenience for any tourer or avid adventurer on the road. On top of that, other things like the windshield have also received an electronics package, being able to raise and lower with the push of a button. 

Otherwise, it’s more or less the standard set of features that you will find on the GS, of which there are a ton. What’s more interesting are the Trophy and Option 719 variants which both seem to have a little more gusto and detailing to them thanks to all the bits, pieces, and goodies that graced all parts of the bike.

Safe to say it was a bit of a riot at the event venue. BMW Motorrad Philippines not only invited members of the media to witness the launch of BMW’s best adventure bike, but also its clubs and its vocal owners to participate and to see the new bike up close. As it turns out, inviting the customers and the clubs to participate was more than just a good move since all units in the initial batch sold out almost instantly. 

The prices for the new GS were also unveiled at the event. The bike starts at 1,675,000 PHP for the Light White (about $30,150 USD), 1,695,000 PHP for the Triple Black (about $30,500 USD), 1,715,000 PHP for the GS Trophy (about $30,690 USD), and 1,855,000 PHP for the Option 719 (about $33,390 USD). Note that the conversions are based on the current exchange rates at the time of writing. 

The R 1300 GS Is Global:

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