This race-ready CRF450RX Rally is made by RS Moto, and is being sold in France by Honda importer Euroboost.

Rally replicas have become a thing recently, as more and more manufacturers release production models inspired by race-bred rally machines. KTM was arguably one of the first to do this, with its 450 Rally, however, other manufacturers have been quick to follow suit, rolling out their own iterations of 450 rally bikes for us mere mortals.

The latest to offer this comes to us from France, and it takes the form of a custom Honda CRF450RX. Now, the CRF450RX is by no means a beginner-friendly motorcycle, and represents the pinnacle of Honda’s dirtbike lineup. The custom rally-inspired CRF450RX, christened the CRF450RX Rally, comes to us from Euroboost France, a dealer and importer of Honda motorcycles in the European country. Interestingly, this tricked out bike wasn’t made by Honda, but rather, by Italian workshop and Honda dealer RS Moto. The company has been tricking out CRF450RXs for the past two years now, and shows no signs of slowing down for 2024.

That being said, it’s worth noting that the 2024 Honda CRF450RX Rally is based on the current 2023 CRF450RX, and brings a lot, and I mean a lot of upgrades to the table. So, what will your 25,990 euros, or about $27,983 USD get you? Well, let’s dive right in.

For starters, the 2024 CRF450RX Rally gets two 9.5 liter fuel tanks mounted to the front, as well as a rear, self-supported fuel tank with 10 liters of capacity. The resulting 29 liters of total capacity should be more than enough to cover great distances off the grid. Of course, to account for this, the bike gets two fuel pumps to siphon the fuel from the multiple tanks into the engine. Up front, the CRF450RX Rally gets a full instrumentation tower complete with an F2R Road-Book and handlebar control switch.

In terms of ergonomics, the bike has been beefed up for rallying and gets foam grips to take some of the vibes off the rider’s hands. There are also oversized reinforced foot pegs, a steering damper to keep the front end stable, and revamped suspension settings to handle the rigors of prolonged rally riding. For extra protection, the bike gets a carbon fiber underbody, as well as improved brakes with a bigger 300 millimeter rotor up front. STM fork crowns also ensure maximum front-end rigidity, while dual LED lights light up the night.

To top it all off, RS Moto has fitted the CRF450RX with a large engine oil cooler, an additional oil tank, a larger cooling fan, and STM clutch housing covers to reduce weight. The wheels are from Haan Wheels, and are designed for top-level off-road riding offering maximum rigidity and low weight. Last but not least, the bike breathes through a special Arrow exhaust designed specifically for rally racing. Overall, the bike is said to weigh 139 kilograms without fuel. Assuming a 29-liter fuel capacity, we’re looking at a wet weight of around 168 kilos, or 370 pounds ready to ride.

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Source: Moto-Station, Moto.It

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