We'll Miss You, Dodge Durango Hellcat

There will never be another three-row performance SUV quite like it.

Homeowner sparks neighbours wrath by converting garden into showroom

Farshad Kia, 45, has prompted multiple complaints after displaying numerous used cars on or next to the driveway of his 1930s semi in Arnos Grove, North London .

Electric seagliders, ‘flying boat of the future’, could revolutionize water transport

Electric seagliders, hybrid vehicles between boats and airplanes, represent a significant innovation in coastal transport, potentially replacing traditional ferries.

The best cars made by Ford that aren’t Fords

They didn't wear the Blue Oval badge, but these iconic cars all came from the American car giant

Racing: Little Bit Of Love looks to step up further at Te Rapa

It might be a case of high input producing maximum output for Little Bit Of Love

Non-Foundation Tesla Cybertruck Coming Next Quarter, International Version Possible: Musk

Tesla Cybertrucks could head to markets outside of the U.S. soon.

Suzuki Has Made Half-a-Million ATVs at Its US Facility

Suzuki’s KingQuad is one of the best-selling ATVs in the world.

Quad bike raced on Whangamatā Beach ‘a real concern’ for wildlife, DoC says

DoC says no to doughnuts near nesting sites.

16 cool targa-topped classic cars

Jota completes Le Mans airfield shakedown of rebuilt Porsche

Porsche privateer Jota has completed a successful airfield shakedown of its rebuilt 963 LMDh ahead of the Le Mans 24 Hours this weekend.

Verstappen wants 'impossible' F1 2026 weight reduction for fun, agile cars

Max Verstappen believes the proposed reduction in weight for Formula 1 cars by 30kg in 2026 should be "at least 100-150kg".

Alpine prioritising "professionalism" in search for Ocon replacement

Alpine is prioritising "professionalism" in its search for Esteban Ocon's replacement at the French Formula 1 team, rather than simply unite two drivers with a good existing relationship.

The Mercedes E-Class Has a 1.5-Liter Engine in Turkey Due to Crazy Taxes

But it still costs a ludicrous $137,000.

Axe to grind: 25 famous guitars and their rock star owners

Ever since Chuck Berry hot-wired the "jump blues" sound in the 1950s, the electric guitar has been the soul of rock-and-roll. The plugged-in, amplified twang and squeal sounded like noise to adults, but for kids all over the world, it was the sound of rebellion.

Ferrari Is Dropping Navigation Because Our Phones are Better

No more in-car navigation—you'll have to rely on Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

22 cars that are 25 in 2024

The UK Faces an Epidemic of Car Part Theft

The UK has been facing a series of car part thefts. The police are investigating the organizations behind the dismantling network.

The Corvette Has a New Boss

Tony Roma takes over for Tadge Juechter and starts his new role on July 1.

James May shares emotional update about The Grand Tour ahead of final series

James May shares emotional update about The Grand Tour ahead of final series - He confirmed the final episode will air in September

Does your CV pass the 30-second test? Read our tips to find out

Hiring managers spend mere seconds reviewing applications. That doesn’t give you a lot of time to make the right first impression. So, does your CV demand more than just a customary glance? Can it pass the 30-second test and grab the reader’s attention? If you’re failing to land those all-important interviews, sprucing up your CV is the answer. By making some small changes, you can improve your chances of getting to the next stage of the process. We spoke to Amanda Augustine, careers expert for TopCV, the world’s largest CV-writing service, and a Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC) & Certified Professional Resumé Writer (CPRW) to find out how to get started.

WEC confirms two-car rule for Hypercar manufacturers for 2025

Manufacturers competing in the Hypercar class of the World Endurance Championship will be required to run two cars from next season.

Estre's "exceptional" pole lap "not 100% representative" of Porsche Le Mans pace

Andre Lotterer warns that Kevin Estre's pole position lap may not be completely representative of Porsche's pace at the Le Mans 24 Hours.

This Is the Last Jaguar F-Type Ever

So long, sweet prince.

Scooter rider seriously injured in Taupō after hit-and-run

Rider's wife thankful for Good Samaritan who came to his aid.

The New Fiat Grande Panda Shows Fun Designs Are Not Dead

It looks like a funky concept but it's actually a production vehicle.

The New Volkswagen Jetta GLI Is Coming This Month

But the Golf GTI and R won't hit the US until early 2025.

Transport Minister stops short of saying new roads of national significance to be tolled

Chris Bishop said on Thursday Simeon Brown had "already signalled that each of our new Roads of National Significance will be tolled". But will they?

The Nissan GT-R Is Dead

These two special variants are the last R35s for the North American market.

Brazen crooks stole moped after using angle grinder on busy street

Pedestrians walked past uninterested as the pair were able to pinch the scooter in just 13 seconds from Goodman's Yard, near Tower Hill in east London .

Luxurious Motorhomes That Cost Millions

These are some of the most expensive motorhomes money can buy

Every marque that’s won Le Mans

Best selling cars of all time, from each car maker

Some of the information was easy to find, others difficult, and some of the results were surprising

A Good Bucket Seat Transformed My 2023 Subaru BRZ

The simple installation of a Recaro Pole Position elevated the driving experience of my BRZ beyond belief.

Stunning footage reveals an M2 Bradley going head-to-head with a Russian vehicle

How Elon Musk's $44.9B Tesla pay package compares with the most generous plans for other U.S. CEOs

How Elon Musk's $44.9B Tesla pay package compares with the most generous plans for other U.S. CEOs - Even though the median U.S. CEO pay package last year was nearly 200 times more than a worker in the middle of their company pay scales, Elon Musk’s record-setting Tesla compensation dwarfs them by comparison

Suzuki's Electric Motocross Patent is Essentially Just an EV-Swap

It’s essentially an electric swap on an existing platform.

Confirmed: Audi Q6 E-Tron Sportback and RS Q6 E-Tron Coming Next Year

Audi also said that a PPE-platform-based A6 is also in the works.

Tesla Cybertruck Deliveries Reportedly Halted Due To Safety Issue

Tesla employees have told buyers that the current hold is due to a faulty windshield wiper motor.

Chevrolet Equinox EV Is Missing Key Features, But Most Are Coming This Year

A rear mirror camera, Bose audio, wireless charging, a HUD and 19.2 kW charging have so far been unavailable to order.

Get Ready To See a Lot More US Racers on Motogp Machinery

Talented riders in the US have needed a feeder system for MotoGP forever, and MotoAmerica's Talent Cup will give it to them.

Tour The World’s Vehicle Graveyards That Are Strangely Beautiful

The vast majority of vehicles live out their final days in scrapyards to await recycling or simply rust away – take a look at the eye-opening places where means of transportation go to die.

James May hits back after social media backlash to 'oppressive' Pride flags post

Former Top Gear and The Grand Tour host James May riled the LGBTQ+ community during Pride month with an 'offensive' and 'oppressive' social media post

Albon "had to bite my lip" on overweight Williams F1 car

Williams Formula 1 driver Alex Albon says he "had to bite my lip" while his team's progress has been masked by an overweight chassis.

Are Electric Cars Reliable?

In general, EV reliability is rather low, but maintenance costs are, too. However, there are some reliable electric cars out there, too.

GM Fights Back Against BYD Seagull With Updated Wuling Bingo

A new water-cooled motor allows the Bingo to reach up to 81 mph.

The Volvo EX30 Should Be An Affordable EV Hit. So Where Is It?

The EX30 is built in China, so new tariffs could raise its price—or halt its debut in the U.S. Volvo says it's coming, but buyers claim radio silence.

Le Mans 24 Hours: Kubica tops warm-up, De Vries Toyota crashes

Robert Kubica’s Ferrari topped the warm-up session ahead of the Le Mans 24 Hours, in which Toyota’s Nyck de Vries incurred damage clashing with Kelvin van der Linde’s slowing Lexus.

The best 1960s slang terms

Ah, the 1960s! A decade that gave us mind-boggling scientific advancements, massive civil rights victories, and free-spirited, hippie counterculture. What better way to revel in nostalgia than by revisiting some quintessential '60s slang? From "far out" to "groovy," this revolutionary decade gave us some of the best slang of the 20th century. Can you dig it? Ready? Click on to see what people had on the tip of their tongues during the '60s.

Best bike chain cleaners to get your set of wheels running perfectly

Best bike chain cleaners to get your set of wheels running perfectly - Put the pedal to the super shiny metal

Land Rover driver rams into police car to seriously injure officer

Gerard McDonagh, 21, was jailed for ten months after smashing into the police vehicle, after he was followed by police for driving a car with false number plates in Markfield, Leicestershire.